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Water and Wastewater Treatment

Werribee West SRP Tanks


Water and waste treatment facilities are harsh environments that involve the use of settling, raking, pumping, sludging, clarifying, filtration and disinfection processes. Chemicals evolved include hydrogen sulphide and methane. Protection against constant wear-and-tear, and chemical attack was provided in this case by Durebild HSE high solids epoxy.


1 x DULUX Duremax® GPE @ 125 µm

1 x DULUX Durebild® HSE @ 250 µm

Exterior: 1 x DULUX Zincanode® 402 @ 75 μm

Exterior: 1 x DULUX Durebild® STE @ 150 µm

Exterior 1 x DULUX Weathermax® HBR @ 75 µm

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