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Water and Wastewater Treatment

Castle Hill Water Reservoir Townsville


Castle Hill Water Reservoir Townsville featured a mural depicting Queensland's diverse flora and fauna. Corrosion of the tank and severe fading of the original artwork required removal and repainting, which was carried out faithfully by local artist Garth Jankovic using Dulux Weathermax HBR. The tank was high pressure water cleaned and rusted areas abraded, before it was primed with Zincanode 402 and painted with a couple of coats of Durebild STE MIO for maximum barrier protection. The Durebild STE MIO aslo provided a great "canvas" for the mural.


1 x DULUX Zincanode® 402 @ 75 μm

2 x DULUX Durebild® STE MIO @ 125 µm

1 x DULUX Weathermax® HBR @ 100 µm

Mural: DULUX Weathermax® HBR

1 x DULUX Surfaceshield® S @ 3-5 m2/L

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