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Regis Resources CIL Gold Tanks


These 6 CIL Tanks (30m x 16 M) were abrasive blasted to AS 1627.2 Class 2.5 and the externals primed with Duremax GPE ZP @125 µm. The internals primed with Durebild HSE Black @ 250 µm in shop. The Tank plates were then taken to site at Garden Well, Regis Resources and welded together. The weld margins were fully blasted to Class 2.5 and the rest of the area was brush blasted. The external weld margins were re primed with Duremax GPE ZP @125 µm. Durebild STE in X42 Biscuit was applied at 250 µm on all external surfaces Durebild HSE Black was applied at 500 um to the top plates on the internals.


EXTERNALS: 1 x DULUX Duremax® GPE ZP @ 125 µm

EXTERNALS: 1 x DULUX Durebild® STE @ 125 µm

INTERNALS: 2 x DULUX Durebild® HSE @ 250 µm

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