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Sports Centres

Melbourne Icehouse


The Melbourne Icehouse has three notable areas that required protective coatings: The exterior features a bright metallic blue band that breaks up the white facade. The blue is Quantum FX bright metallic polyurethane, sealed with Quantum Clearcoat to highlight the metallic lustre and protect against graffiti. The Henke Rink includes exposed steelwork and compressed particle board ceiling panels. The steelwork was protected against the highly corrosive moist, cold environment with Zincanode 402 zinc rich primer, Duremax GPE intermediate barrier coat and Luxathane R two pack polyurethane for aesthetics and protection. The ceiling was painted in Dulux Professional Total Prep and Industrial Aluminium.


Feature Blue Band: 1 x DULUX Durepon® Sandable Primer @ 50 µm

1 x DULUX Quantum® FX @ 60 μm

1 x DULUX Quantum® Clearcoat @ 60 μm

Steelwork: 1 x DULUX Zincanode® 402 @ 75 μm

1 x DULUX Duremax® GPE @ 125 µm

1 x DULUX Luxathane® R @ 60 μm

Celing: 1 x Dulux Professional Total Prep

2 x DULUX Industrial Aluminium @ 30 µm

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