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Public Spaces

Monash University Bus Shelters


The Monash Public Transport Interchange located on Wellington Road, Clayton, features 21 striking bus shelters for the comfort of university commuters. The steelwork is protected with Zincanode 402 zinc rich epoxy primer, Duremax GPE MIO high build epoxy barrier coat and topcoated with Weathermax HBR two pack polyurethane. Graffiti can be readily removed from surfaces painted with Weathermax HBR using propriety graffiti removing agents. The structures were painted in shop and touched up on site using Weathermax HBR. Feedback about the ease of use of Weathemax HBR and the ability to successfully touch up minor imperfections after erection were noted.


1 x DULUX Zincanode® 402 @ 75 μm

1 x DULUX Duremax® GPE MIO @ 125 μm

1 x DULUX Weathermax® HBR @ 80 µm

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