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Sound barriers, overpasses and other infrastructure elements are subject to extremes of weather, temperature cycling and UV exposure, and also to chemical attack from acidic pollution and airborne salts. Structural steel must be protected against long-term corrosion and degradation by corrosion resistant protective coatings. Steel reinforced concrete must be protected against corrosion and spalling by certified anti-carbonation coatings.

Buckley St Essendon Rail Underpass

The precast concrete panels of Buckley St Essendon Rail Underpass require heavy duty protection against concrete carbonation (the major cause of concrete spalling) and defacement by graffiti. The coating system of Durebild STE surface tolerant epoxy, and topcoats Weathermax HBR (coloured polyurethane), Quantum FX (metallic polyurethane) and Quantum Clearcoat (clear gloss polyurethane) offers both, with eye-popping results! The concrete panels were painted in shop, then erected on site.

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