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High Rise Residential

Orbis Apartments South Melbourne


Orbis is a seven storey apartment building located near tranquil Albert Park Lake and the vibrant South Melbourne shopping precinct. The stunning façade comprises curved fiberglass panels, which were carefully hand sanded and primed with Dulux® Durepon® Sandable Primer and spray painted in Dulux® Quantum FX, a bright metallic polyurethane with reflective metallic flakes. The metallic coating was finished with a coat of Quantum Clearcoat, a high gloss clear polyurethane to impart depth of colour and enhanced metallic effect and enhanced UV protection. The result is a spectacular, sculptural façade that responds to the ever-changing colours of the days and seasons, whether reflecting the sun’s rays with golden brilliance, meeting a cloudy day with a serene sheen or glimmering under night time lighting. The high performance nature of the coating system also provides long term durability and low maintenance, whilst maintaining asset value and street appeal.


1 x DULUX Durepon® Sandable Primer

1 x DULUX Quantum® FX

1 x DULUX Quantum® Clearcoat @ 60 μm

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