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Commercial Construction

Qantas Hangar Office Facade Canberra Airport


The facade cladding of the Qantas hangar offices at Canberra airport had significantly faded over time, and the client had considered replacing the cladding altogether. Site samples of Dulux Luxepoxy 4 White Primer and Dulux Weathermax HBR in factory packaged Golden Yellow, and applied by roller, demonstrated the cost savings and dramatic aesthetic improvement this system could achieve. Despite the fact that the project was carried out in Canberra's cold winter, the applicator's skills produced an excellent finish that pleased everyone involved. The Luxepoxy 4 White Primer and Weathermax HBR system works over a variety of cladding materials, such as compressed fibre cement sheet (CFC). For recoating aged facade cladding materials, a site sample, followed by a cross-hatch adhesion test is always recommended.


1 x DULUX Luxepoxy® 4 White Primer @ 50 µm

1 x DULUX Weathermax® HBR @ 100 µm

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