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Zinc Rich 1P

ZINC RICH 1P is recommended as a convenient sacrificial primer in conjunction with heavy duty finishes to increase the corrosion resistance and life of any system or as a single application protective coating.


ZINC RICH 1P is most often used as a general primer for structural steelwork in industrial and commercial environments especially for the protection of tankage, pipelines, cranes and bridges. It is also recommended for the repair of damaged galvanised steel and wrought iron balustrades and railings.

ZINC RICH 1P is an effective anti corrosive primer for steel to be powder coated.


  • Provides galvanic corrosion protection to mild steel.
  • Single pack convenience


  • Single pack “cold galvanising” primer
  • May be overcoated with most heavy duty topcoats
  • Excellent primer for powder coating

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