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Weathermax® HBR MIO

WEATHERMAX® HBR MIO has been locally developed for high build roller or brush application. It is a high build recoatable polyurethane coating designed to be used over a wide range of suitably primed substrates such as mild steel, galvanised steel, concrete and aluminium. The micaceous iron oxide pigment particles interlock in the film to form a barrier against moisture ingress.


WEATHERMAX® HBR MIO is a high performance coating that exhibits excellent gloss and colour retention during extended service periods in severe industrial and marine environments and in extreme UV exposure.

Available Colours


  • Weathermax Accelerator allows application in cooler conditions
  • High UV resistance for greater durability
  • Protects against substrate deterioration
  • Protects concrete against spalling when used with Durebild STE


  • Excellent high build brush & roller application
  • Superior gloss & colour retention
  • Can be applied up to 125 microns DFT in a single coat via spray application
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Accelerator available for use in cooler conditions
  • Available in two micaceous iron oxide finishes - Natural Grey and Mid Grey
  • Tested in accordance with AS4548.5 Appendix C & D for use as a concrete anti-carbonation coating system when used with Durebild® STE

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