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Surfaceshield™ S Graffiti Resistant Treatment


SURFACESHIELD™ S is water-based, low VOC and non flammable. SURFACESHIELD™ S is a graffiti resistant microfilm surface treatment that can be applied onto a range of surfaces to provide sacrificial protection against graffiti and normal atmospheric dirt and grime.
Most types of graffiti on surfaces treated with SURFACESHIELD™ S can be safely and effectively removed, avoiding costly traditional methods of removing graffiti such as chemical stripping, abrading or abrasive blasting. Once graffiti has been removed, SURFACESHIELD™ S can be economically reapplied and avoids the high cost of preparing and re-painting surfaces.


SURFACESHIELD™ S can be used on most types of natural and artificial stone and brick facades. With a low VOC formula, SURFACESHIELD™ S is suitable for use in Greenstar compliant projects.


  • Safe to use in public areas during application, removal and reapplication
  • Keeps surfaces free of graffiti and pollution


  • Resists penetration of most types of graffiti
  • Removes graffiti without harsh chemicals
  • Invisible and vapour permeable film
  • Does not change the apperance of the original surface

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