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Surfaceshield™ HD Graffiti Resistant Treatment


Surfaceshield™ HD (Heavy Duty) is a water-based graffiti resistant treatment for the protection of vertical surfaces from graffiti and pollution ingress. The low VOC formula is suitable for use where low odour and low solvent emissions are desired. Surfaceshield™ HD is a non-sacrificial graffiti resistant surface treatment allowing repeated graffiti removal after one application. Surfaceshield™ HD is non film-forming; it penetrates the porous surface providing an invisible hydrophobic and oleophobic layer. Graffiti on surfaces treated with Surfaceshield™ HD can be removed using a combination of graffiti removal agents and hot water pressure.


Surfaceshield™ HD can be used to protect a wide variety of porous materials used in construction, infrastructure, retail, municipality, and public spaces.


  • Invisible – does not change the appearance of the original surface
  • Keeps surfaces free of graffiti


  • Protects vertical surfaces
  • Barrier against both water based and oily stains and most types of graffiti
  • Allows fast and cost effective removal of graffiti
  • Vapour permeable film

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