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Surfaceshield™ FP Graffiti Resistant Coating


SURFACESHIELD™ FP is a two-component, non- sacrificial, water borne fluoropolymer clear coat with excellent resistance to graffiti removing agents. The coating applies opaque on application and dries clear to ensure all sections of the surface are covered. Graffiti on surfaces treated with SURFACESHIELD™ FP can be removed repeatedly once fully cured using a combination of graffiti removal agents and water.


SURFACESHIELD™ FP can protect a wide variety of porous materials used in construction, infrastructure, retail, municipality, and public spaces. SURFACESHIELD™ FP can also be used directly over Dulux® decorative topcoats such as Weathershield® and AcraShield® as an anti graffiti coating.


  • Low VOC and low odour suitable for confined spaces
  • Can be used safely over painted surfaces such as Weathershield® and AcraShield®
  • Keeps surfaces free of graffiti
  • Wash up easily with water


  • Water based / low VOC
  • Overcoatable with light abrasion
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Short recoat time with wet on wet application

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