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Roadmaster® WB2

ROADMASTER® WB2 is a fast dry water borne road marking paint based on durable acrylic emulsion and can be applied to concrete and bitumen surfaces without bleeding or discolouration, providing clean lines of high visibility. This product is water borne and therefore easier and safer for the applicator to apply.


ROADMASTER® WB2 is particularly recommended for marking road lanes, car park bays and pavements where long term durability is required, typically in and around shopping centres, highways, factories and warehouses. ROADMASTER® WB2 is particularly suited for the requirements of government departments and their assets, and local council properties.


  • No solvent fumes
  • Easy clean up in water
  • Incorporation of reflective glass beads increases visibility and safety 


  • Waterbased and low odour
  • Non flammable
  • Excellent durability
  • High build suitable for reflective glass beads

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