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Quantum® FX

QUANTUM® FX is a premium quality, bright metallic two-pack acrylic polyurethane in a range of 60 brilliant colours. Designed for areas requiring visual impact, QUANTUM® FX offers two striking finishes - fine and coarse metallic.
QUANTUM® FX exhibits outstanding long term exterior durability and gloss retention when topcoated in QUANTUM® Clearcoat, and is easily recoatable with minimal surface preparation.


Ideal for almost any substrate and situation, QUANTUM® FX will complement architectural features such as awnings, columns, commercial facades, lifts and joinery in retail spaces, lobbies, reception areas and showrooms.

Available Colours


  • High durability offers long term aesthetic appeal to commercial projects
  • Areas of high public scrutiny are easy to maintain graffiti-free


  • Excellent application properties by spray
  • Outstanding weathering and chemical resistance with quantum® clearcoat
  • Tintable metallic range
  • Two finishes available - fine and coarse metallic

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