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Quantum® 221

QUANTUM® 221 is a premium quality, high gloss two-pack acrylic polyurethane. QUANTUM® 221 has been designed for superior weathering and gloss retention even in areas of extreme UV radiation. QUANTUM® 221 is readily recoatable with minimal surface preparation.


QUANTUM® 221 imparts an ultra-premium finish for high demand areas such as commercial facades, awnings, lift doors and frames, joinery in hotels, showrooms and restaurants, and is equally suitable for heavy industrial applications such as factory and farm machinery, earth moving equipment, and structural steel in power generation plants, bulk handling equipment, oil refineries, mining and chemical processes, offshore structures, road and rail infrastructure and exposed pipelines.

QUANTUM® 221, when fully cured, exhibits excellent graffiti resistance and durability to areas subject to public scrutiny such as sporting facilities, public transport and retail complexes.

Available Colours


  • Maintains asset value with reduced maintenance requirements
  • Very high aesthetic appeal for areas of high public scrutiny
  • Withstands high UV radiation 
  • Versatile - equally suitable for high visual impact and for heavy duty protection


  • Outstanding weathering and chemical resistance
  • Excellent application properties
  • Excellent graffiti resistance
  • High gloss Quantum® Clearcoat available

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