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Metalshield® QD Primer

METALSHIELD® QD PRIMER is an anti-corrosive shop or field primer used for the protection of steel in mild industrial and commercial environments.

The rapid dry formulation of METALSHIELD® QD PRIMER is ideal where fast turn-around is required.

METALSHIELD® QD PRIMER is particularly suitable for use with METALSHIELD® QD ENAMEL TOPCOAT for time-critical jobs, or with METALSHIELD® PREMIUM where longer gloss retention is desired.



METALSHIELD® QD PRIMER can be used over abrasive blast cleaned steel in shop or power tool cleaned steel in situ. 

METALSHIELD® QD TOPCOAT is used in conjunction with METALSHIELD® QD ENAMEL TOPCOAT or METALSHIELD® PREMIUM to paint machinery and equipment such as cranes, trailers, pumps, compressors and as a general purpose fast dry enamel.


  • Touch dry in only 10 minutes, recoat in 2 hours for fast turn around and return to service
  • Protects steel against corrosion in mildly corrosive environments


  • Rapid dry primer
  • Excellent shop primer
  • Single pack product
  • Contains zinc phosphate

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