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Metalshield® Premium

METALSHIELD® PREMIUM is a UV resistant silicone modified enamel topcoat. It is high gloss, single pack, air-drying topcoat that is tintable to over 5,000 colours.

METALSHIELD® PREMIUM's silicone modified resin offers advanced gloss retention and chalk resistance compared with conventional alkyd enamels. 


Typical areas of use include tank farms, doors, transmission towers, bridge structures and the exteriors of commercial and light industrial buildings. METALSHIELD® PREMIUM has been formulated for use within the COLORFAST® Industrial Colour System, thus offering an extensive, readily available colour range.

Available Colours


  • Single pack convenience
  • Lasts longer than standard alkyd enamels
  • Can apply by brush, roller or spray


  • Single pack product
  • High gloss finish
  • Advanced gloss and colour retention compared to standard alkyd enamels
  • Touch dry in 1 hour
  • Tintable – available in over 5,000 colours using the Colorfast® Tint System
  • Resists rain and condensation

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