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Metalshield® All Surface Primer

METALSHIELD® ALL SURFACE Primer is a single pack, fast drying, zinc phosphate primer. This anti-corrosive primer provides superior adhesion properties making it the preferred primer for paint systems in mildly corrosive environments.

METALSHIELD® ALL SURFACE Primer can be used over suitably prepared fibreglass, ferrous and non ferrous metals including mild steel, aluminium and galvanised steel.


Typical areas of application include structural frames and trusses for factories and warehouses, farm equipment and other light fabricated steelwork.


  • Single pack convenience
  • Quick turn around and return to service


  • Fast drying
  • Contains zinc phosphate
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Suitable for priming all metals including aluminium and galvanised steel
  • Suitable for fibreglass

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