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Luxepoxy® 66

LUXEPOXY® 66 is a two pack epoxy blast primer.

LUXEPOXY® 66 shows good drying properties at the recommended 25 microns dry film thickness and is compatible with a wide range of finishes including epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic epoxy, polyurethane and conventional alkyds.


LUXEPOXY® 66 is recommended as a holding primer over freshly abrasive blast cleaned steel to protect against corrosion during transport or storage for periods of up to 6 months depending on prevailing conditions.


  • Keeps steel from corroding once it has been blast cleaned and coated


  • Prefabrication holding primer
  • Up to 6 months durability without overcoating
  • Accepts normal cutting and welding operations
  • Can be overcoated with a wide range of single and two pack coatings

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