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Luxepoxy® 4 White Primer

LUXEPOXY® 4 White Primer is suitable for a broad range of substrates such as galvanised steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, hardwood and MDF as the primer for high performance two pack and single pack coatings. It displays a high degree of solvent, chemical and abrasion resistance.


LUXEPOXY® 4 White Primer is typically used in the chemical and petroleum industry, food and beverage plants, abattoirs, and canneries.
For information on suitability for use as a food contact surface, refer to your Dulux® Protective Coatings Consultant.


  • Versatile 
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures very good inter coat adhesion


  • Versatile primer suitable for over galvanised steel, aluminium and concrete
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Excellent tie coat over inorganic zinc coatings

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