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Luxathane® SPX

LUXATHANE® SPX is a high performance two-component acrylic polyurethane with a smooth, satin finish. LUXATHANE® SPX is recoatable with minimum surface preparation.

LUXATHANE® SPX can be used directly over all Dulux® epoxy primers, universal primers, high-build epoxy intermediate coats and to aged, tightly adhering coatings subject to necessary solvent resistance tests and appropriate surface preparation.
LUXATHANE® Accelerator is available for use with Standard Hardener to promote faster drying.

LUXATHANE® SPX is tintable to a broad range of colours from the Dulux World of Colour and Australian Standard AS2700 colours


LUXATHANE® SPX is formulated for use in commercial and industrial environments where extended service periods are required. The smooth, durable, satin finish is ideal for steelwork and facades of commercial projects, such as retail complexes and high rise offices and apartments. This versatile product is equally suitable for new construction and maintenance over properly primed steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, concrete, hardwood timber and MDF.

Available Colours


  • Highly aesthetically pleasing finish is ideal for joinery 
  • High UV resistance is suitable for exterior applications


  • Excellent UV resistance and gloss retention
  • Very good drying and recoat properties
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Long term recoatability

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