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Luxathane® DTM

LUXATHANE® DTM is a two-component acrylic polyurethane formulated with zinc phosphate rust inhibitive pigment, suitable for direct application to abrasive blast or power tool cleaned steel. LUXATHANE® DTM delivers both corrosion protection and an attractive decorative gloss finish. LUXATHANE® Accelerator is available for use with Standard Hardener to promote faster drying.

LUXATHANE® DTM is a fast, single-coat system for the protection of steel in sheltered or mild (C1-C3) corrosive environments.


Typical areas of application of LUXATHANE® DTM include structural frames and trusses for factories and warehouses, farm and heavy engineering equipment.

Available Colours


  • Single coat system saves time and money
  • Greatly improves aesthetics quickly and efficiently
  • Protects against UV degradation


  • Contains corrosion inhibiting pigment zinc phosphate
  • Increased productivity, no primer required in mild corrosive conditions
  • Very good uv resistance and gloss retention
  • Good drying and recoat properties
  • Tintable – available in over 2,500 colours
  • Gloss finish

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