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Luxaprime® ZP

LUXAPRIME® ZP is a single pack, high build anticorrosive primer–finish that contains both zinc phosphate and micaceous iron oxide pigments. The primer is resistant to moisture and gives superior performance compared to conventional ROZP primers over power or hand tool cleaned surfaces. Relatively high builds of up to 75 microns dry film thickness are achievable in a single coat.


LUXAPRIME® ZP is recommended direct to steel, especially in circumstances where abrasive blast cleaning is not viable and surface preparation is limited to power tool clean standards. LUXAPRIME® ZP is typically used on structural frames and trusses for interiors of factories and warehouses.


  • Protects steel against corrosion in mildly corrosive environments
  • Can use as a primer/finish on internal steel trusses in dry environments
  • Single pack convenience


  • Contains high levels of zinc phosphate
  • Contains micaceous iron oxide
  • Suitable as a primer over poorly prepared surfaces
  • Available in three colours

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