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Luxaprime® UMP

LUXAPRIME® UMP is a single pack zinc phosphate primer that is ideally suitable as a tie coat when an existing finish must be topcoated with a product with which it is not compatible (eg. a polyurethane over an alkyd).


LUXAPRIME® UMP is formulated with a high level of zinc phosphate to achieve good corrosion protection. The anti-corrosion pigmentation together with the fast dry formulation of LUXAPRIME® UMP offers additional use as a shop primer.


  • Can use topcoats that would otherwise have been incompatible with the existing coating system
  • Protects steel against corrosion in mildly corrosive environments
  • Single pack convenience


  • Compatible over most existing coatings
  • Compatible with most two pack topcoats
  • Single pack
  • High level of zinc phosphate
  • Rapid drying

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