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Luxafloor® Water Based Concrete Sealer

dulux luxafloor sealer - one-pack of water-based acrylic sealer

LUXAFLOOR® SEALER is a one pack water based acrylic sealer, ideal for sealing dust & dirt and sealing lines on concrete where low odour is required.

This product is compatible with Dulux® line marking products Roadmaster® A1 and Roadmaster® WB2.



LUXAFLOOR® SEALER is suitable for car parks, warehouses, garages, workshops, concrete driveways etc.


  • Low odour
  • Clear coating for interior & exterior application
  • Seal Line marking - Compatible with Dulux Roadmaster A1 & Roadmaster WB2
  • Achieve three coats in one day


  • Water based & low VOC
  • UV resistant
  • One hour recoat time at 25°C



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