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Luxafloor® PTX

dulux luxafloor ptx - high-performance, high-build recoatable polyurethane floor paint

LUXAFLOOR® PTX is a high performance, high build recoatable polyurethane floor coating designed for ease of use and exceptional flow out. LUXAFLOOR® PTX exhibits excellent gloss and colour retention under extreme UV exposure. LUXAFLOOR® PTX can be used over LUXAFLOOR® LGE as a smooth floor coating, and with LUXAFLOOR® AGGREGATES for slip resistant finishes.
LUXAFLOOR® PTX is available in all the colours on the LUXAFLOOR® Colour Chart and can be matched to most colours in the Dulux® World of Colour range through the COLORFAST™ Tint System.


LUXAFLOOR® PTX is ideal for any floor areas that are exposed to the harsh Australian sun.

Available Colours


  • The same product may be used for interior and exterior areas 
  • Can be used as a smooth or slip resistant finish


  • Excellent high build brush & roller application
  • Superior gloss and colour retention on exterior exposure
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Available in all the colours in the luxafloor® Colour Chart and most colours in the Dulux World of Colour

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