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Luxafloor® ECO2®

dulux luxafloor eco2 - low build, water borne, two-pack epoxy floor paint

LUXAFLOOR® ECO2® is a low build, water borne, two pack epoxy floor coating that provides a hardwearing surface. It is ideal for use in areas subject to foot traffic. LUXAFLOOR® ECO2® can be applied as a slip resistant finish by the addition of LUXAFLOOR® AGGREGATES.

LUXAFLOOR® ECO2® is available in a range of factory made and tinted colours and clear.


LUXAFLOOR® ECO2® is ideal for use in internal floor areas where the odour of conventional epoxy floor coatings prevents their use.

LUXAFLOOR® Clear Coat is suitable for use direct to concrete or as a protective coat over a LUXAFLOOR® ECO2® colour finish.



  • Can be used in projects where Low VOC coatings are required.
  • Ideal for projects where limited time is available for shut downs


  • Tough film
  • Water borne low VOC – less than 10g/l – and low odour
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Good chemical resistance

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