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Luxafloor® Aggregates

dulux luxafloor aggregates - additive to use with luxafloor floor paint to provide slip resistance

LUXAFLOOR® AGGREGATES are non-toxic non-metallic additives for use with the Dulux® LUXAFLOOR® floor coatings to provide slip resistance.

LUXAFLOOR® STIR-IN AGGREGATE FINE imparts a fine slip resistant finish to thin film LUXAFLOOR® products, while LUXAFLOOR® STIR-IN AGGREGATE COARSE and LUXAFLOOR® BROADCAST No. 36 impart slip resistance to higher build LUXAFLOOR® products.


LUXAFLOOR® AGGREGATES are used where slip resistance is a requirement, such as food preparation areas, industrial laundries, pool surrounds, and processing plants.


  • Helps prevent slips and falls
  • Broadcast Aggregates can be applied to specific areas 


  • Packaged in pre-measured units ready for use in Luxafloor® Floor Coatings
  • Three grades available
  • Range of slip resistant finishes achievable
  • Easy to use with stir-in or broadcast options

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