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Luxafloor® ACS Concrete Sealer

dulux luxafloor acs - clear solvent-based, UV resistant and non-yellowing acrylic concrete sealer

LUXAFLOOR® ACS is a clear solvent based, UV resistant and non-yellowing acrylic concrete sealer. LUXAFLOOR® ACS suppresses dust and produces a more easily cleaned surface. It also resists the penetration of oils and other liquids into the surface.


LUXAFLOOR® ACS is ideal for use in warehouses, garages, workshops, car parks, concrete driveways etc. It can be applied to concrete surfaces by brush, roller or spray methods.


  • Prevents oils and stains penetrating into the surface
  • Can be used exterior or interior
  • Seals concrete surfaces to prevent dusting
  • Extends the life of line markings


  • Clear coating for interior & exterior concrete surfaces
  • UV resistant – non yellowing
  • Ideal dust proofing
  • Suitable for sealing line markings
  • Excellent penetration into surface
  • Single pack
  • Easy to apply

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