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Industrial Aluminium

INDUSTRIAL ALUMINIUM is a durable oleoresinous enamel coating containing high levels of aluminium flake. The finish provides a bright metallic sheen and excellent heat reflective properties. INDUSTRIAL ALUMINIUM is formulated to give relatively high resistance to moisture and weathering for a single pack low film coating.


INDUSTRIAL ALUMINIUM is recommended for all applications requiring temperature control.

INDUSTRIAL ALUMINIUM has been extensively used over conventional and epoxy metal primers for overland pipelines, tank farms, silos, ducting and general structural steelwork. Also suitable for the protection of galvanised steel roofing, gates and fencing.


  • Effective heat reflection on storage tanks and pipelines
  • Convenient single pack saves time


  • Withstands temperatures to 200°C
  • Excellent heat reflective properties
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • High metallic lustre
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Single pack

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