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Hi Temp™ 600

HI TEMP™ 600 is a silicone high temperature coating. HI TEMP™ 600 is recommended for continuous service temperatures to 500°C.

Where heat curing may be impractical, HI TEMP™ Catalyst may be used to cure HI TEMP™ 600 at ambient temperature.


Typical applications include the exteriors of furnace equipment, reaction vessels, boiler fronts, hot metal stacks, kilns, flues, exhaust systems and chimneys.


  • Protects assets subject to elevated temperatures


  • Resists temperature spikes to 600°C
  • Suitable for continuous operating temperatures to 500°C
  • Single pack
  • May be cured in ambient temperatures using catalyst
  • Excellent heat quench resistance
  • Suitable for interior and exterior

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