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Ferreko® No. 6

FERREKO® No 6 is a high build single - pack chlorinated rubber finish containing a high level of micaceous iron oxide. The micaceous iron oxide pigment particles interlock in the film to form a barrier against moisture ingress and improve resistance to degradation by UV light.


FERREKO® No 6 is recommended for the long-term protection of bridges, tankage and other steel structures in coastal marine environments. Such applications include bulk handling, bridges, wharf superstructures, hoppers and steel silos. FERREKO® No 6 displays excellent intercoat adhesion and may be readily recoated after 6-8 hours or touched up after extended exposure.

Available Colours


  • Very long case histories across Australia
  • Single pack convenience


  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent water & chemical resistance
  • High build to 125 microns
  • Fast dry
  • Extended recoat intervals

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