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Durezinc™ i90

DUREZINC™i90 is a two part self curing inorganic zinc silicate formulated for heavy duty corrosion protection in the most aggressive industrial and marine environments. DUREZINC™ i90 cures to hard, tough coating that resists damage during transport. DUREZINC™ i90 provides outstanding cathodic protection to steel surfaces, without the need for overcoating, under industrial and marine service. The service life may be extended or a decorative finish can be provided by overcoating with an epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic or polyurethane protective coating.


DUREZINC™ i90 is used on bridge structures, interiors and exteriors of petroleum storage tanks, bulk handling terminals and chemical and industrial plant. It can also be used on shipping facilities and offshore platforms.


  • Compatible with a range of protective coatings for extended service life
  • Good impact and abrasion resistance when fully cured


  • Heavy duty cathodic protection for steel in corrosive marine environments
  • High zinc content – meets AS/NZS 3750.15 type 4 & SSPC-Paint 20 level 1

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