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Durepon® Sandable Primer

DUREPON® SANDABLE PRIMER is recommended on non-ferrous metals, hardwood, MDF, primed steel and a range of composite materials as the primer or intermediate coat for high performance epoxy, polyurethane and enamel topcoats where a very smooth, high quality finish is required.


DUREPON® SANDABLE PRIMER can be used to prime and sand MDF and timber joinery and fibreglass panels of CFC sheets used for facades and curtain walls. DUREPON® SANDABLE PRIMER provides a tenaciously adhering and smooth surface for high gloss polyurethanes such as Luxathane HPX and metallic finishes such as Quantum FX.


  • Provides a smooth base to achieve a premium quality finish
  • Very high gloss levels can be achieved


  • Fast cure
  • Non inhibitive pigmentation
  • Excellent sanding properties
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

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