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Durepon® FRX

DUREPON® FRX is a versatile primer suitable for application to heavy duty steelwork at low temperatures. 
Unlike typical epoxies, DUREPON® FRX does not have a narrow recoat window – it can be recoated with itself or topcoated after longer periods than typical epoxies.


DUREPON® FRX is useful as a tie-coat over inorganic zinc primers and under a wide range of topcoats. DUREPON® FRX can be overcoated with epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic finishes depending upon service requirements. It has excellent adhesion to blast-cleaned steel, excellent corrosion resistance and rapid dry times, even at temperatures down to 0°.


  • Can apply in cold weather down to 0°
  • Protects steel against corrosion


  • Low temperature cure
  • Fast recoat
  • Contains high levels of zinc phosphate
  • Easy application

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