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Duremax® GFX

DUREMAX® GFX is an ultra premium, high solids, high build glass flake surface-tolerant epoxy with greatly enhanced resistance against corrosion.

With superior surface wetting properties and corrosion resistance, DUREMAX® GFX is a high performance maintenance coating suitable for new or existing steel, particularly in coastal and off-shore structures, above and below the waterline.


DUREMAX® GFX is ideally suited to protecting new steelwork from atmospheric and marine corrosion including coastal and off-shore structures, above and below the water-line.


  • Excellent barrier for immersion or splash zone
  • Protects assets against corrosion
  • Protects assets against abrasion


  • High glass flake content
  • Superior surface wetting and corrosion resistance
  • High performance maintenance coating for new or existing steel
  • Self priming finish – high solids and high build formulation
  • Good abrasion and chemical resistance

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