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Durebild® STE MIO

DUREBILD® STE MIO is a two pack epoxy developed with a high level of micaceous iron oxide (MIO) specifically for Australasian conditions using advanced epoxy technology. DUREBILD® STE MIO can be topcoated with a wide range of coating types and is available with a cold cure hardener that is bloom free.


DUREBILD® STE MIO is principally used as a high-performance maintenance coating over hand, power tool or high- pressure water cleaned surfaces where blasting is impractical or not allowed. This coating can also be used for new work as an intermediate or topcoat. The MIO pigment in the formula provides additional barrier protection over abrasive blast cleaned steel in fresh and salt-water immersion.

Available Colours


  • Self priming coating saves time
  • Cold Cure Hardener allows application during  colder months
  • Provides long term corrosion protection


  • Superior surface wetting properties and corrosion resistance
  • High performance barrier protection for new or existing steel
  • Ideal maintenance coating over most well adhered aged coatings
  • MIO pigmentation provides improved weatherability properties
  • Self priming finish

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