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Duration® X21

DURATION® X21 is a premium, low odour and low VOC general purpose epoxy coating suitable for use over a wide range of primed substrates. DURATION® X21 is also suitable for use on prepared concrete surfaces.

DURATION® X21 can be used directly over DURATION® P23 water borne anti-corrosive primer, and can also be used directly over Dulux® solvent borne epoxy primers, universal primers and to aged, tightly adhering coatings subject to appropriate surface preparation.


DURATION® X21 is designed to be used as part of complete DURATION® water borne protective coatings system for steel that is subject to sheltered or mild (C1-C3) corrosive environments. DURATION® X21 can also be used on concrete floors as a trafficable floor coating.

Available Colours


  • Suitable for projects designed under sustainability principles or guidelines
  • Protects steel against corrosion in mild to moderately corrosive environments when used with Duration P23
  • Rapid dry for fast turnaround and return to service
  • Wash up with water



  • Versatile general purpose epoxy
  • Suitable for use over a wide range of primed substrates
  • Ease of application – spray, brush, roller
  • Low VOC & low odour compared to solvent borne systems
  • Fast recoat time – 4 hours at 25°C

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