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Apexior® No 1

APEXIOR® No. 1 is a single component, easy to apply air dry coating specifically formulated for the hot waterside corrosion prevention of metal surfaces. It is a coating that excels in severe thermal cyclic immersion service.
APEXIOR® No. 1 is the recommended coating for boiler tubes and timber kilns. APEXIOR® No. 1 is resistant to continuous immersion in boiling water and steam from 95°C to 370°C. It aids in the reduction and prevention of tight bonding of hard scale and allows for easy cleaning and removal of any scale buildup in steam generating equipment.
APEXIOR® No. 1 prevents pitting corrosion and stops corrosion that has already begun - except for badly pitted areas. It has outstanding wetting properties and adheres well to power tool cleaned areas.
Equipment coated with APEXIOR® No. 1 will also see an increase in heat transfer efficiency. APEXIOR® No. 1 performs ideally with water treatment in steam generating equipment.


Recommended uses for APEXIOR® No. 1 are steam generating equipment, hot condensate return tanks, de-aerators, hot process tanks, autoclaves, sterilizing equipment, mud and steam drums and steam traps.


  • Air dries, easy to apply
  • Single pack
  • Excellent wettability properties – surface tolerant
  • Easily recoatable
  • Resistant to boiling water/steam to 370°C
  • Increases heat transfer efficiency
  • Outstanding resistance to thermal shock (immersion)
  • Inert to water treatment
  • Prevents corrosion in standby service
  • Prevents scale buildup


  • Performance range 95°C to 370°C
  • Simple one pack self-priming topcoat
  • Ideal coating for use under hot insulation when moisture is present

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