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Acrathane® IF Sparkling Aluminium

Acrathane® IF Sparkling Aluminium is an isocyanate-free, catalysed acrylic finish with a brilliant sparkling metallic appearance for high visual impact in both exterior and interior areas. Its isocyanate-free formulation is particularly useful for on-site spray application.


Acrathane IF Sparkling Aluminium is ideal for foyers, shop fronts, canopies, awnings, columns, screens, lifts and furniture and feature areas of shopping centres, sports centres and arts complexes. Acrathane IF Clearcoat Gloss may be applied over Acrathane IF Sparkling Aluminium for enhanced visual appeal and to extend UV protection and graffiti resistance.


  • Easy to apply – can be sprayed on site
  • Resistant to marring or marking
  • Adds visual appeal


  • Very high visual appeal 
  • Excellent graffiti resistance when topcoated with Acrathane IF Clearcoat Gloss- wipe clean with graffiti cleaners
  • Isocyanate free

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