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Transport hub gets top marks for durability at Perth's Curtin University

Transport hub gets top marks for durability at Perth's Curtin University

For a new transport hub at one of the world's leading universities, Dulux PC was asked to deliver premium durability and graffiti protection.

The Bus Interchange at Curtin University's Perth Campus is a key element of a Master Plan to meet expected growth. While one million public transport patrons use the hub annually now, this number is expected to grow to four million by 2035.

Joel Bock, Dulux PC's Business Development Executive, worked with Coniglio Ainsworth Architects to devise a three-product solution for the steel structure.

"For this high use and high visibility outdoor asset, we needed a top quality finish that would withstand the elements," Joel explains.

A combination of primer Zincanode 402 followed by Duremax GPE MIO provided protection against corrosion.

Micaceous iron oxide, known as MIO, supercharges barrier protection in severe environments. The flake-like shape of MIO pigments is the key to their protective powers. Compared to the spherical pigments more commonly used in paints and coatings, MIO’s overlapping flat layers create a barrier for water, salt or other damaging molecules.

Finally, a top coat of Weathermax HBR in Graphite Grey delivered a gloss finish and graffiti protection. This product can withstand repeated cleaning by most graffiti removal agents.

All three coatings were sprayed in a controlled shop environment. Perth Metalworks fabricated the steel, which was painted by DRA Industries and Steelblast Australia.

The Dulux PC team specialises in working closely with clients to create coatings systems that address specific project needs. Whether you're an asset owner, architect, specifier or engineer, you'll find our service style matches the premium quality of our products.

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