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The Ghan Repaint

The Ghan Repaint

Traversing the north-south stretch of Australia, The Ghan battles the harshest conditions the outback can muster. From extreme heat, humidity and UV radiation to drastic fluctuations in day and night temperatures, this iconic train needs to shine through it all.

Operated by Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions, The Ghan runs between Adelaide and Darwin. The trip takes 54 hours to travel the 2,979 kilometres, with stops in Katherine and Alice Springs. In May this year, the team at Dulux Protective Coatings (SA) specified for the repainting of The Ghan’s distinctive livery. The five step process involved more than 600 hours of labour, with the CFCLA application team trialling several products and methods before nailing the perfect formula. “It’s always a balance between aesthetics and functionality,” explains Joel Boucher, Technical Sales Representative of NT and SA.

This luxury train reaches high speeds, making the exterior panels subject to flexing and abrasion. Durability was achieved with Duremax GPE ZP, UMP White Primer and Acrathane IF White for the base. The distinctive colour coat was painted with Acrathane IF Signal Red. Acrathane IF Clear Gloss created a lustrous finish that will endure for the many journeys to come. 

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