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Surfaceshield™ FP to the rescue

Surfaceshield™ FP to the rescue

The war on graffiti is now winnable with Dulux Surfaceshield™ FP. It solved multiple issues on a recent Darwin project, protecting a vast concrete wall on a busy road.

Treating porous surfaces with this non-sacrificial coating allows graffiti to be easily removed without damaging the finish. But graffiti wasn't the only challenge in Darwin. The wall needed protection from carbon and dirt, and a colourful treatment for a decorative inlay.

Dulux Accredited painter Bill Warren sought a solution for his clients at Darwin City Council and the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.

Dulux PC’s Joel Boucher and Darwin Trade Representative Hazel Forsyth designed a multi-product approach. “Only water-based, low VOC coatings were used. Fast application was crucial given the climate and busy location,” Joel says. “There's no stopping and starting with Surfaceshield and no seams or overlaps in the finish.”

Step one was a pressure clean with Acratex Tilt Wash, designed for concrete panels. For the decorative features, Weathershield provided impact and protection.

Finally, two coats of Surfaceshield™ FP were sprayed on in quick succession, directly over the acrylic. Cleverly, the coating appears opaque on application, helping ensure total coverage, before drying clear.

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