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Steel solutions in New Zealand

Steel solutions in New Zealand

Architects, engineers and specifiers in New Zealand and Australia regularly call on Dulux PC's specialist advisors to solve technical and creative challenges.

For the award-winning 12 Madden Street project – New Zealand's first and largest purpose-built coworking space – Warren and Mahoney Architects were seeking durability and a "raw rather than refined expression".

Exposed steel is a major contributor to the 6-storey building's character both inside and out, reflecting the industrial heritage of its location in Auckland's waterfront Wynyard Quarter. Yet the building is also strikingly modern, acting as a beacon for the city's new 'innovation precinct' and providing an impressive workspace for companies of all sizes.

Dulux PC's New Zealand manager Graham Gates and Specification Manager Simon Blincoe collaborated with the architects, steel fabricators Grayson Engineering and Hawkins construction to devise a multi-product coating solution.

For the external steel, a system of Zincanode 402Duremax GPE and Weathermax HBR MIO provides ultimate resistance against corrosion and graffiti, as well as superior gloss and colour retention.

The internal steel was primed with Durepon FRX and finished with full-gloss Luxuthane R.

"For every project, our focus is on delivering the look and feel the client is seeking while ensuring long-term protection," Graham explains.

"Clients can look to us for highly tailored systems, right down to the microns in each coating. They're not just getting a product, they're getting a start to finish collaboration." 

The project's success was celebrated in 2019, when Warren and Mahoney Architects received the New Zealand Institute of Architects Sir Miles Warren Award for Commercial Architecture.

“As befits a building in an area quickly and self-consciously transitioning from industrial backwater to innovation hub, 12 Madden alludes to the past in its rugged materiality and looks to the future with its flexible and dynamic plan," the award judges said.

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