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QV1 Plaza in St Georges Terrace Perth

QV1 Plaza in St Georges Terrace Perth

Office workers, shoppers and diners are all enjoying the new social heart of Perth’s prestigious QV1 Plaza in St Georges Terrace. The transformed space is now crowned by the spectacular Oculus structure, a 50 metre wide suspended canopy that is one of the largest in the world.

Beyond its practical function, the Oculus is a sculptural work of art. The structural steel is highly visible from every angle, so it required a flawless finish that would provide long term protection against corrosion, graffiti and UV deterioration.

The team at Dulux Protective Coatings devised a three coat system that began with Zincanode 402 for galvanic corrosion protection and followed with Duremax GPE MIO for heavy duty barrier protection. Innovative product, Duration T80, was used for the topcoat. This premium water based fluoropolymer offers outstanding gloss and colour retention properties.

The highly experienced crew at Kaefar Novacoat trialled a number of applications in the cold winter temperatures before landing on the ideal method. Both airless and conventional spray equipment was used.

We are confident the lustrous satin finish achieved for the spectacular Oculus will last well into the future!

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