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Marine grade protection for vibrant new beach precinct

Marine grade protection for vibrant new beach precinct

The summer of 2020 has been a special one for the people of Rockingham, WA. The first stage of the $15.7 million beach foreshore revitalisation project was completed just before the days started heating up. The boardwalk and plaza areas now boast an array of colourful modular furniture, creating a vibrant and welcoming space for the many locals and visitors drawn to this stunning seaside precinct.

The project team at the City of Rockingham knew the furniture would need some serious weather protection. Classified “very high marine”, the harsh environment makes surfaces vulnerable to corrosion. Extreme UV exposure, frequent usage and the possibility of graffiti damage would also threaten the new installations over time. Nathan Hines, our technical representative in WA reassured the team he could specify a coatings system that would go the distance.

Appointed fabricators A.D Coote & Co prepped the new aluminium surfaces off-site using a whip blast method. They then applied Luxepoxy 4 White Primer, a non inhibitive two-pack epoxy primer. Durability was achieved with Durebild STE, a two pack, high solids epoxy intermediate coat. Finally, Weathermax HBR, a two pack polyurethane, was used to create a spectrum of high gloss hues.

There were more than 45 pieces involved, with sun lounges, bench seats and play equipment requiring a protective coating that would help resist fading or yellowing over time. The vibrancy of the colours is a key feature of the design, so it's important the finish remains bright and flawless. The long-term durability of Weathermax HBR will minimise the maintenance costs of this well-loved installation.

This iconic beachfront has always been popular, but the revitalisation project has now created a buzzing community hub. The colourful new furniture encourages people to gather for events, activities and performances, or just some much-needed relaxation. 

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