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Luxafloor®’s newest flooring products

Luxafloor®’s newest flooring products

Luxafloor is a high-performance range of coatings, specially designed for concrete flooring. Luxafloor is suitable for commercial and industrial environments such as warehouses, factories, retail spaces, car parks and many more.

There are now two new products in the Luxafloor range. Luxafloor Water Based Sealer, a one pack acrylic concrete sealer, and Luxafloor Filler is a two-pack concrete repair mortar.

Luxafloor Water Based Sealer is ideal for sealing dust & dirt and sealing lines on concrete where low odour is required. It is compatible with Dulux® line marking products Roadmaster® A1 and Roadmaster® WB2.

Recommended areas of use include car parks, warehouses, garages, workshops and concrete driveways. Luxafloor Sealer is suitable for both interior and exterior application due to its low odour for confined spaces and UV resistance for good weatherability.

Luxafloor Filler is a rigid epoxy mortar ideal for repairing concrete floors to create a consistent surface before coating.

Use Luxafloor Filler for surfacing, patching and filling voids or holes in a concrete substrate. Topcoat with Luxafloor® FCF for a fast return to service system. This product is also compatible with all products in the Luxafloor range of coatings.

Contact us for more information on these products and how they can be used on your next project!

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