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Gleaming new paintwork for Australia's hardest working trains

Gleaming new paintwork for Australia's hardest working trains

The hardworking fleet of locomotives at Pacific National carry the bulk of Australia’s steel, grain and regional exports across our wide, brown land. Along with knocks, bumps and scrapes, their paintwork is routinely subjected to harsh UV radiation, sub-zero temperatures and extreme humidity. High speeds add abrasion and flexing to the mix. It’s no wonder these trains require a serious makeover after a decade of field service.

When their Adelaide-based locomotive was due for refurbishment, the team at Pacific National turned to Dulux Protective Coatings for a superior paint system that could go the distance. Joel Boucher, our technical sales representative in South Australia, devised a 3 step specification that began with Duremax GPE ZP, a two-pack epoxy steel primer that offers active inhibitive protection against corrosion.

The next step involved a coat of Luxaprime UMP, a phosphate primer that provides an ideal base for the Acrathane IF top coat. This product provided a high-gloss, saturated colour finish that offers resistance to marking, scratching and fading. Importantly, this product doesn’t contain isocynate, a substance that is common in many two pack urethane topcoats.

Joel explains, “With the locomotive industry in Australia utilising isocyanate-free systems, it was important to offer a sound and proven solution where the applicator could deliver a high standard of finish as well as durability.”

Completed in 2019, the project incorporated the expertise of the team at CFCLA Maintenance to achieve the stunning new finish.

The locomotive is once again gleaming with the distinctive Pacific National livery of vibrant yellow and blue. Now looking her best, this locomotive is ready to get back to work, tirelessly hauling goods across the length and breadth of the nation.

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