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Artist uses colour and form to walk in step with site's heritage

Artist uses colour and form to walk in step with site's heritage

Photo Credit: Douglas Mark Black

In Perth's Montario Quarter, a new art installation serves a dual purpose. It provides a physical barrier between the public open space and the road, while remembering the site's heritage.

Created by artist Penelope Forlano, 'Mutualities' is a finalist in the 2020 Dulux Colour Awards.

In parkland on the site of the former Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital, the series of vertical posts were inspired by the human gait, a nod to the site's history helping patients recover from spinal conditions such as polio.

Penelope carefully selected nine Dulux colours to reflect those used in the old hospital's signage, while complementing the surrounding parkland.

Like the art, the coatings system recommended for the aluminium substrate posts also serves multiple functions. 

Michael Filmer, Dulux PC Business Development Executive – Commercial and Infrastructure, provided lab-prepared samples to help Penelope choose colours from the Australian Standards AS2700 and Dulux Decorative ranges.

Delivering durability and graffiti resistance for site developer LandCorp was also crucial.

"This is the first visible landmark as you approach the development from the city. We wanted an outstanding finish that would last for years," Michael says.

The posts were first coated with Luxepoxy 4 White Primer at 50 microns, followed by Duremax GPE MIO at 200 microns and a final coat of Weathermax HBR at 100 microns.

For the post ends to be buried in concrete, Michael recommended two coats of Duremax GFX at 200 microns before the installation.

Mephalene Rust Control applied the coatings system.

"Following our recommended preparation for aluminium, the airless spray application process was seamless," Michael explains. "The final result worked beautifully with the surrounding parkland, and we are pleased that Penelope was very happy with the outcome."

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